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Innovative A/V Productions
Stratosphere Webcast Institutional Investor
Hillary Clinton Video Cast
George Will
Purina Better With Pets Video Production
HTC Stratosphere webcast
Larry Kudlow Interview Webcast
Oprah at Maya Angelou ceremony
Bloomberg Climate Week Live Webcast
Bill Gates UN webcast
Angela Merkel UN event
Best Buy Event
Starr companies webcast
TedX Live Webcast
Janssen Webcast event
Interactive Events
Audio and Visual Innovative Production
 "I did just want to write and thank you more than I can possibly say for the most generous support which you gave to my May Day Business Summit on Climate Change.  Without your help and that of your team, we simply could never have achieved an event on the size and scale of the Summit." - Charles, Prince of Wales
Stratosphere Video Production Company History

For more than 20 years, Stratosphere has been producing innovative, visually interactive events for clients in nearly every industry. Founded by a music industry executive, Stratosphere in its early years pioneered the way with live multi-city interactive concerts with artists like Gwen Stefani/No Doubt and Will Smith.


In 1999 we produced one of the first official, multi-national interactive events from the General Assembly of the United Nations on behalf of UNIFEM. In 2007 we produced Prince Charles' first Mayday Summit on climate change live from St. James Palace in London, while connecting business leaders at nine regional events across England for a ground breaking interactive experience.

Stratosphere Will Smith Production Times Square
I&I MuchMusic event w/ Gwen Stafani
Stratosphere Video Production at the UN
Unifem letter
UN poster
Stratosphere letter from Prince Charles
Stratosphere Bill Clinton Laureate Video Cast
Joe Biden Webcast
Stratosphere Video Production of Hillary Clinton SCIU event

We've produced events on 6 continents,

from the heart of Africa

to the countrysides and bustling city

centers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Over the past two decades, we have produced live interactive events for current and former members of the U.S. government's executive branch, including President Bill Clinton, Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, and Secretary Hillary Clinton. Our events also have included heads of states from around the world.


We've produced events on every continent except Antarctica — so far. We simplify the complexity of multi-location, live interactive events by using the latest technology — streaming, webcasting, satellite broadcasting, videoconferencing, and beyond. We bring you the knowledge, thoroughness, and professionalism resulting from more than 20 years of experience.


From corporate town halls, to product launches, investor relations broadcasts, and in-house studio productions — we have covered it all. We take pride in assisting you with the crucial process of delivering your message to any audience, regardless of geography.


We hope to have the opportunity to assist you with your event, no matter the scope and size.

Production Services
"The performance of the team today was excellent. They provided an event that was flawless. They anticipated needs, and couldn’t have been nicer to work with. From the moment they arrived, I was very confident in their ability to make our event a success." - Pam V / Johnson & Johnson
Video Production Sevices
Video Production Sevices


From New York to Shanghai, we place the right people and the right technology in the field — combined with redundancy and attention to detail — to ensure that your event is a success. Our services listed here are some of the field products that we offer globally. These services are typically packaged together under one comprehensive event strategy — with expert producers and technical directors leading the team.

 On location production services

Live Video Production

— Multi-camera shoots, including 4K broadcast cameras, jibs, steadicam, and tracking systems

— Teleprompting


Live Audio Production

— Broadcast quality audio for venues of all sizes


Live Event Transmission

— Global streaming and webcasting

— Global interactive multi-site videoconferencing

— Global satellite broadcasting


Full Scale Staging and Audio Visual Production

— Projection

— Lighting

— Video Walls

— Scenic and stage design

Stratosphere logo

Production Services

— Producers, directors, stage managers, and technical directors

— Pre-production coordination

— Post-production services, editing, and visual effects

— Global event production, staging, and coordination

Webcasting Services
 "Your crew did a great job... Especially since we pulled the Web cast together in a few weeks. Very competent and professional crew, buy them a fine San Francisco craft steam beer for me.” - Barry D / Janssen

Webcasting and streaming technology is complex and always changing. We take a customized approach to every event we produce. We take time to listen to our clients in order to match you with the best technology and solutions that complement your needs and budget.


Check out a demo streaming event here.

Stratosphere Demo Webcast skin
Stratosphere Live Webcast Streaming Bloomberg Climate Week
Stratosphere Webcast for Black Women Ready to Lead
Stratosphere Webcasting of Angela Merkel International webcast UN
Stratosphere HTC One Webcast
New York City Production Studio
 "I am so lucky to be working with such a great team – thanks again!" - Carolyn K / T. Rowe Price
New York City Production Studio
AV gallery
New York City Audio and Video Production Studio

We designed and built our NYC studio to accommodate unique event needs at a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio space. Our studio is located on the west side of Midtown Manhattan. Our studio is fitting for an array of needs, but it is specifically designed for live webcast and interactive events. Take a look to the right for specific information, features, and pictures of our studio. In addition to our NYC studio, we offer partner studios around the globe.


Watch commercials shot in our studio here.




Stratosphere Audio Video Production Space Set
Stratosphere New York Studio Space Production
Stratosphere production studio NYC skyline
Kino Flo lighting system
4k Camera shooting NYC skyline
Stratosphere 4k Camera w Pull Focus
HTC set with NYC background
Stratosphere Studio Set Audio Visual Production
Stratosphere Guggenheim set Audio Video Production
Stratosphere Pocket Studio Set
Stratosphere Webcast for Live Musical Performance Tonights Star
Stratosphere Conference Room
Stratosphere Conference and Video Conference Room
Stratosphere Greenroom
View from the greenroom
Makeup Room
Stratosphere Makeup Room
Stratosphere Lobby used for hotel set
Office Space Ebay Commercial
New York City Skyline Production Studio

— Live and live to tape video production

— Photo shoots / photo production

— Live performance space

— Live and live to tape audio production

— Rehearsal space

— Full serivice 4K HD control room

— Green Room

— Make Up Room

— Large conference room

— Kitchenette and catering / craft services

— Multi Camera (4k HD) set up

— Teleprompting

— Jib, stedicam, and tracking systems

— Lighting Grid

— 100 mbps internet connection

— Live streaming and broadcasting

Stratosphere Productions Studio
Creative Production
Creative Productions
 "Excellent execution! You guys are the stuff of legend! Thanks!" - Marcos / ACE
Creative Production

Our creative team can assist you with content creation for live events, advertising, marketing, training, product launches, and more. From pre-production concept development to post-production editing services, our creative team approaches projects with innovative passion and common sense strategies that result in cost-effective success.

Meet our production assistants!

Stratosphere Audio Board
Stratosphere Memorial Wall Awards
Stratosphere Crew Camera
Stratosphere Movie Talkback Webcast
Stratosphere Greenscreen split screen
Stratosphere Webcast Skype Live
Strat Crew
Production Team
"You guys rock :) Thanks again for your partnership and dedication to make our event so successful." -Terri D / Microsemi
Talented Professional Staff

Talent equals success. Our crew members are passionate about their crafts. We come from diverse and creative backgrounds and apply that creative passion to your event. We thrive in making events successful and love working side-by-side with our clients along the way.

Production room
4k Camera
Stratosphere Crew Camera
Slides and Graphics
Audio Board
Stratosphere Webcast Production
Encoding Station
Stratosphere Webcast Production
Body of Work
Trusted Fortune 500 Partners
Partner Unilever
Partner Arena
Partner Marriott
Partner Allscripts
Partner Nasdaq
Partner American Express
Partner BBVA
Partner BCG
Partner Burson
Partner Capital
Partner Capstone
Partner Chadbourne
Partner Chase
Partner Choice
Partner GE
Partner Getty
Partner Four Seasons
Partner Accenture
Partner Forest City
Partner Ernst and Young
Partner Bank of India
Partner Columbia University
Partner Citibank
Partner Chubb
Partner GFI
Partner Godiva
Partner Marsh
Partner Griffith
Partner Harvard Business
Partner Harvard
Partner Hilton
Partner HSBC
Partner Universal
Partner Limited
Partner Anadarka
Partner LDF
Partner KPMG
Partner Kenneth Cole
Partner Jewish National Fund
Partner American Cancer Society
Partner ING
Partner Merrill
Partner Medidata
Partner Microsemi
Partner Mondo
Partner New York Academy of Sciences
Partner Nike
Partner Nissan
Partner Novartis
Partner Santander
Partner Sanofi
Partner PWC
Partner PSAV
Partner Philips
Partner Oxford
Partner Ogilvy
Partner NY Presbyterian
Partner Schrager
Partner W Hotels
Partner sfmoma
Partner Shine
Partner SVA
Partner Technicolor
Partner Time Warner
Partner UBS
Partner Unisys
Partner Aramark
Partner Wyeth
Partner World bank
Partner Wolters
Partner wjc
Partner Vertafore
Partner Zeus
Partner Janssen
Partner Asia Society
Partner Realogy
Partner Anderson Global
Partner French Institute
Partner Guggenheim
Partner Littler
Partner American Heart Association
Partner Onstream
Partner Johnson and Johnson
Partner GM
Partner First Quality
Partner HTC
Partner GE
Partner Starr
Partner Intercall
Partner TRowePrice
Partner YaleClub

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