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Stratosphere Solutions: Live Video Production

Live Event Videos

More than 80 percent of respondents now prefer live videos over blog content and social media posts. With live-streaming being so accessible, anyone with access to a mobile device and the internet can go to YouTube, Facebook, or a number of other sites and enjoy a live video. This technological advancement enables companies to reach a huge audience base around the world, improve exposure, and boost sales.

Live Training Videos

An engaging and dynamic training solution custom designed to maximize reach, deliver measurable results and most importantly, resonate with your audience. Stratosphere can help deliver training content to a large audience dispersed throughout the country in multiple locations.  With the use of Stratosphere's in house studio, the team at stratosphere can achieve these goals through custom branding and graphics, live interactive streaming, engagement through skype and twitter, green screen magic, as well as live Q/A and polling 

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