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Smartphone manufacturer, HTC came to Stratosphere with a common problem.  HTC needed to find a new, cost effective way, to train thousands of sales associates across the country for a new product launch. HTC had previously been delivering new product training by investing in costly but effective tours across the country. These training tours involved renting out venues in major markets and committing sales staff to several weeks of travel to host these events.  The process was very costly and time consuming.  


Stratosphere worked with HTC to develop a new approach to product training at a fraction of the cost.  HTC worked with their retail distribution partners to schedule a series of virtual training events to be broadcast live online in each US time zone on a single day. Retail stores scheduled  their weekly team meetings to coincide with the live training event. Retail leadership supported this idea because it meant that they didn't have to allocate overtime or schedule time out of store for associates to attend product training.  The training made use of regularly scheduled meeting time and didn't require travel for retail employees.  


HTC wanted to make sure these events were differentiated from a typical webcast.  They wanted to find a way to deliver the same level of excitement and interaction that they were able to achieve with their in-person training tours.  Stratosphere was able to meet that need by providing a number of engaging tools that were incorporated into the live broadcast events.  Stratosphere added a twitter feed to the landing page of the event. HTC assigned a special hashtag for the event and encouraged retail associates to communicate live via the twitter feed in exchange for rewards.  HTC also arranged to have certain retail locations present back via video call into each broadcast.  By showcasing employees in different markets via live video, HTC was able to create a sense of connectedness with the audience in the time zone.   Live Q&A, Green screen and a number of other entertainment assets were deployed to make sure the broadcast felt relevant to the retail audience.  


HTC was able to directly speak to 10 X the number of retail associates it had previously been able to with in-person training tours.  The training was delivered in just one day versus the 2-3 weeks of travel required for in-person training tours.  They were also able to make use of data provided by Twitter, Q&A, user registration and viewer information provided by Stratosphere in their analytics.  Feedback provided by retail leadership and retail employees showed an overwhelmingly positive response to the live broadcast training environment.  The quality of the broadcast and the level of engagement were specifically called out as influential by retail leadership.  


The team at Stratosphere is made up of video production, marketing and sales professionals with backgrounds from various industries. This unique combination of talent allows Stratosphere to easily recommend and develop a number of extremely customizable and scalable solutions like the events created for HTC.  


Find out how Stratosphere can help create a custom training delivery or communications solution for your company by messaging….  

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